Thursday, May 6, 2010

UK @GOOGLEMAIL.COM Switch to @GMAIL.Com will Save 60 Million Keystrokes Equals to 20 Bonbons of Energy!

Google Mail is becoming Gmail in the UK - Official Gmail Blog:

Almost everyone knows that email to and will reach same inbox. In UK Google Email User by Default during signup. Recently Google's Gmail Official BlogAnnounced that by next week by default Google Email page will give option to switch existing user to use instead of

If you already have a Google email account in the UK, you'll soon have the option to switch your existing address to the matching one, but you're also free to stick with And starting later this week, anybody who signs up for a new account in the UK will get an address. Since "gmail" is 50% fewer characters than "googlemail," we estimate this name change will save approximately 60 million keystrokes a day. At about 217 microjoules per keystroke, that's about the energy of 20 bonbons saved every day! - Article of UK Google Email user on Google Gmail Official Blog

See, how much big Google is, just removing 4 Character from Email address will Save about 60 million keystroke per day which is about 217 microjules per keystroke and 20 bonbons energy per day!!!

If Google can reduce power consumption, why not we can save power for Bangladesh? Hope to Write more about saving on my Green Bangladesh Blog very soon.

Thanks to all
Ahamed Bauani

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